Nook HD is the Best Match for What You Want

To my knowledge, no device has a color screen for under $100. To get color, currently you need an LCD screen, as no one has yet been able to produce color e-Ink for the mass market. Having a tablet means having apps, but Nook HDs allow you to create multiple user profiles with strict parental controls. This means that the parent sets up their own administrative account, and then can set up one or more children's accounts that can be locked out of accessing games, web browsing, shopping, viewing inappropriate books in the shop, or whatever you want. As a B&N employee, I have seen many children with Nooks of all models, and we have only once or twice encountered ones that a child had actually broken. No electronic is indestructible, but put it in a case and tell them it's their responsibility, and most children seem to do okay. Remember that the sale price ends with Father's Day!