What e-reader would you recommend for kids?

I'm a librarian and we offer free downloadable books for children as well as adults. What would I recommend? Take them to the library! Take out that Marguerite Henry book, but let them loose in the stacks to find other books they would enjoy. Sign them up for summer reading (just about to start). Sure, you can find an ereader for them, but I agree with others that the gizmos can wait. I watched my son sit in his darkened room with no world but the screen in front of him for years. Nothing I could do (and my husband and I tried many things) kept him away from that screen for long, until finally he listened and went out into the world to socialize. This is true of far too many children, generally boys, these days. I'm not answering your question, I know, but offering advice. The electronics are too seductive. Give your boys books.