Canon GL2

by PI26768 - 6/14/13 7:16 PM

In Reply to: Camera Advice for student doc filmmaker? by popnfried

I have a Canon GL2, being a Private Investigator I needed more than 20x optical zoom, wich would be fine for your use. Its sitting in my house not being used. I love this camera "Blair Witchcraft" was filmed with a GL2. It is time to send it to Canon for a check up and possibly new recording heads. You can change lenses and it uses mini DV tapes so you can shoot and review. This camera with a vefy good lens and accessories was about $4,500.00 new. Research it and I sm willing to sell it. I hope I'm not violating the rules, this is not really an ad. You can call me at 415-726-4515. And I would let it go for a very reasonable price.