Hey Bob

by popnfried - 6/14/13 11:37 AM

In Reply to: Nice budget. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Yes, I've been saving up for awhile from various freelance projects and birthdays. I'd like to invest a lot of money in a nice camera because I think it will enable me to do even more awesome projects and recoup my investment, and then I will have a nice camera that hopefully does not get outdated for a long time.

I actually took a FILM production class where we shot with old bolex cameras and 16mm print and had to send the film in to be developed. My school thinks that this kind of training, although archaic, crafts our minds for filmmaking well since we have to be much more calculated with our shooting due to limited amount of film reel and the fact that we could not view what we had just filmed. Otherwise, my only experience is with a kodak flip camera, which I've used for basic interview videos and some hiking stuff.

The T3i is interesting, but I've also been exploring the mak II/III.

Of course I will be doing sound in post-production, but I'd like the camera to be able to pick up dialogue from interviews well because redubbing dialogue is something I have 0 experience with.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.