Loved the travel

by mjd420nova - 6/13/13 5:44 AM

In Reply to: The plane has crashed into the mountain: by Mikey_210

I know where you're coming from. I spent my early years in the field, way in the field. Eleven western states. Luggage?? How about two heavy duty aluminum cases with a real time infra-red scanner and photo equipment. A pyramid type box to transport LN2, just a gallon. Each case was 70 lbs. The LN2 was in a vented, non pressurized approved container, mounted in a tip proof, custom case. Tariffs allowed me to carry ten gallons but 4 liters would last me a week in the field. Often I had to fly in as close as I could rent a car, get the LN2 locally and drive to whatever site. Carrying a tool kit was part of the field unit for the instrument. I had to repalce an old AR Research tuner amp when it just died from old age. Final stage has suffered multiple final transistor failure and incessant fuse popping. Replaced it with an old but venerable Pioneer surround amp (analog). It has super sound but no digital inputs. It was shipped to the garage when a Yamaha RX-V373 became the starting entry into digital sound and media. It was the only way to unite the HT system and get rid of annoying lip sync failures and lack of surround as the analog output from the source (TV, DVD/CD, cable) was not passing along the decoding from HD content. The old amp had no HDMI connection.