Video Game Violence and Brutal Crimes

The plethora of violent video games tends to inoculate "some" individuals against seeing death as something real. They tend to see a real gun or knife as an extension of the their video game fantasies. People in video games are blown apart by explosives and high-power weapons, but it is only a game. The next round may see those same individuals as resurrected beings and they go on to fight again. Real people have a finite existence, and once their physical bodies are killed, they stay dead. How do we pick and choose who these potential violent perpetrators are? Unless they are under some some ongoing mental heath care, there is no way to sort out who might "go off" living out one of his/her fantasy adventures. The solution should not be a ban. Just as banning firearms will never stop people from attaining and using them to commit violent crimes, banning violent video games will not stop those few individuals form living out their fantasies in a violent way.
Limiting who may buy them helps (follow the ratings), but parental control is also necessary. Kids from loving and well-adjusted families seldom commit violent crimes.