Poll questions are too simplistic

Pooh. This illustrates the problem of incredibly simplistic polls and studies that conflate multiple questions (Is there a link between real-life violence and video game violence? What should be done about it? Do you support the idea of $10M funding for this research by the CDC? Do you think that video game violence is a causal factor in real-life violence? Do you think it is the primary causal factor? and so on.)

Yes, there is a link. Yes, video game violence is a causal factor in real-life violence. No it is not the primary causal factor. If the CDC study is holistic and looks at all cultural factors that may contribute to real-life violence, then, yes, I would support that. If the CDC study is reductionist, i.e., an attempt to prove that video game violence directly causes real-life violence, then, no, I wouldn't support that, because I think it would be pointless and doomed.

Like most societal and cultural problems, there is no silver bullet that will dramatically reduce the level of violence in the US..