I said no, but there probably is a correlation

I think the question is worded backward -- sort of that is. The people who tend to be violent in real life probably would tend to be users of major violent video games. I say "probably would" because they may not all have access to these video games. I do not think that any of these video games that portray violence are the cause of the violence in real-life. Actually, I feel that the games that include this violence may actually help by providing an outlet for the feelings of some of these people so they do not commit mayhem on others in the real world. I myself do not like violent video games -- this dislike includes the true blood and gore type as well as the comic violence (where alien type creatures are shooting other alien type creatures). The latter mostly because I do not like action games of this ilk. My opinion of violence specifically excludes "Mickey Mouse / Donald Duck" type violence -- i.e. cartoon violence. That does not even count.

In short, I think that being a proper parent is the best way to control the potential violent tendencies in children. Talk to them, be someone with whom they are willing to discuss things. Pay attention to your kids. This is the best thing that you can do.

Message to government: Do a study on proper parenting versus violence in kids. Gee, you might be surprised.

Proper parenting does not mean nagging them about their choices. Proper parenting does mean talking to them without arguing and getting them to talk to you so you can both communicate your feelings to each other. Oh, it also means listening to them when they tell you something. Do not start telling them they are wrong before they even finish their sentence. Ideally, you do not ever tell them they are wrong -- at least not in so many words. Show examples of "right" instead.

I may have gotten a little off-track as to the original question but i think it approached the subject from the wrong angle. Think about it.