games and violence

the only time I can see where a violent game will go beyond the end of play.. @cbsimkins,,, made some good
points as did @wpgwpg... but what I see is there has to be a predisposition to go grab a gun and shoot somebody.
the game will just get him worked up. but so will other games due to the tension they create ... so you cant totally blame the FPS type or fighting type games.. you can get up a sweat playing pinball, and if the guy does not reach some score he wants - look out !
This last guy that went out shooting - had already been checked and was listed as a danger to others - but we didnt put him away then ! THATS the problem. it was not disclosed that he had been playing any games !
There have been more shootings stopped before they can happen because somebody made a call,, than all
these we have been hearing about the last couple years. and now its just more politics and money but not going
to mental health or adjusting laws/rules on putting these types away till they can be nurtured back.
I am an FPS and have been playing all types since Pong ! not once did I want to go punch anything more than
my keyboard because " I " made a mistake. happy
A lot of people ' LOOKING ' for a reason beyond what their sweet little boy was ' made ' to do !