by khisel - 6/11/13 10:53 AM

In Reply to: NTFS file system on Panasonic HDTV??? by Sandy77-77

I have confirmed that the VT50 will support NTFS on the USB ports, but you probably don't want to use it. The implementation of NTFS is half-baked and incredibly slow. I reformatted a 128GB stick to NTFS so I could conveniently watch video files >4GB. Big mistake. Everything slowed to a crawl--even simple picture browsing and mp3 playing. Honestly, it was almost unusable; in fact it WAS unusable to watch high-bitrate video material and just locked up. Switching back to FAT32 solved all these problems. Luckily Handbrake allows you to split up video files into smaller chunks so I can still watch high-bitrate material although even FAT32 will occasionally skip a frame or two. So even though the VT50 now supports NTFS, avoid it if you can!