Some issues I found

by Billerica50 - 6/10/13 10:36 AM

In Reply to: Vizio E320i-A0 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

I just bought this Visio set. No user manual was packed with it, I called support and they said they went green and all I needed to do was down load it and print it. That of course will not save any paper, just saves cost for Visio. The screws needed to mount the set to a wall unit were metric # 4 .7 MM pitch and 18MM in length. Not even Home Depot carries them.

The worst issue I found was that all application from the web open in 25% of the screen on the left. The manual says that the blue button on the remote will expand them to full screen but it does not do so. I called support and they said that not all application supported expansion. When I asked which did support it or where I could get a list I was put on hold for a period and when they came back they said they could not find any app that expanded. they did say older TV did do this. ( once a video is select for play the play back will expand).They also said it was Yahoo's issue as they provide the app UI for the set and Visio is just the HW producer. I reminded them that 1. the manual says the blue button expanded the app and 2. Yahoo may do the FW/SW but they do it FOR Visio. I explained that have internet apps displayed in 25% of the screen renders the apps useless, support agreed and said they would escalate the issue to engineering. Stay tuned.

I was surprised that CInet missed this critical issue in their review.