Yes, but

by Editmom - 6/8/13 9:15 PM

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I have the loan of another camera, same make, one model younger. Virtually the same machine.
Get this, same problem with that camera. The fella who loaned it to me had a tape inside. I ran HIS tape, and it was the same problem with HIS tape. I tried his tape in my camera, and visa versa (how the heck do you spell that?). The tapes played better in my camera.

I tried his camera with my system and canopus, same problem. Same exact problem. It HAS to be the tapes.... so some kind of image stabilizer was (is) required. A different canopus, a tbs, or to transfer via dvd recorder. I know it's a crazy idea, but I have been working very intensively on this... there are many different ways to skin this cat (pardon the horrible imagery), but I knew this guy really knew what he was talking about. I got the feeling that he works (or has worked) in some kind of machine room, and that he has effectively done this with 8mm tapes with stability issues. He also made it clear that viewfinders and tv's both have a way of stabilizing the image- so it was possible that the camera viewfinder was helping to stabilize the image.

Anyway- enough writing for me, here, now. Back to work with me! Too many hours. Eh.

The new unit arrives on Tuesday, sometime mid-morning. I won't have a chance to give this a go until eary afternoon. I'll post soon if it doesn't work, or if I need help making it work. If it works, I'll be off the board because I'm working feverishly.

Thanks again, for your help. happy