by Editmom - 6/7/13 7:31 PM

In Reply to: When the camera is connected by boya84

I will try this- but I decided to just go ahead and solve the problem and get something that can help stabilize the image. Discussions most effectively have led to transferring analog 8mm to a dvd recorder, then put the disc into the computer and rip it then load into imovie or fcpx....

am currently suffering with cumbersome imovie. I am a pro editor that has been a mom for the last 18 years... even fcp has changed.

I appreciate your help.

In the meantime, i went ahead and ordered a dvd recorder with rca inputs. Someone here on the boards, it seems someone who really knows his stuff, says that this works really well to stabilize analog images. It was less expensive than the rare and elusive canopus advc330. It is no longer made, but is available- no less than $400 I'm pretty sure.

I did speak with grass valley.

The other idea was to use a tbc... but I've never managed them myself- I don't have support staff anymore...

How does this sound to you?