Remote probably not going to happen

by Pepe7 - 6/7/13 11:51 AM

In Reply to: Need Help with a 2.1 Speaker Solution by aari5cnet

Along with that limitation, both budget and space constraints seem to be problematic in your case. I was going to suggest a very simple refurb HTIB. Airplay speakers are also on the expensive side, and generally aren't anything impressive/can't be separated physically (like a sound bar is fixed per se). Hmmmm.

OTOH, how about the audioengine A2?

Not certain though if input 'B' on the A2 would permit you to connect via 3.5mm output from your other devices.

I wonder if the D1 would be an additional solution, or something similar-

Will have to graph this out and think about it in a little more detail. Is there *any* way you can fit in a very compact HTIB rig(?) Would make things much easier, especially feature wise.