short story long :P

by praneethnag - 6/6/13 11:32 AM

In Reply to: Glad to hear you found a fix by Pepe7

i moved to to a new appartment recently, and the living rooms fuse is also connected to the dining , where all the heavy electricals are sitting (fridge, dishwasher, Microvawe, stove etc) .

all was fine until one day when i was entertaining my friends - i thought lets cook some popcorn , and when the chime on the microwave rang after its done - the fuse tripped angry

funny that none of the other appliances as affecting the fuse - all ON still good - only the Microwave's chime - the culprit

lately that happened too ofter that i had to loose my OLD plasma TV (man i loved it) - there were horizontal line on it - called the geek squad and replaced with the new LED TV ( worst picture Quality - but have to live with it - only option i got , and tired of plasmas burn problem )

and this time i did not opt for a protection plan , and i was afride that i might blow this one too !! sad

so wanted to move some of the crap ( modem, router, vonage modem, vonage phone) to my office room so my toys (xbox360 , SP3) can stay along with the TV , and cross my fingers that the fuse will not trip this time .