video limits

Thanks everyone for your valuable insights. So the Cannon DSLR limits your videos to either 4GB or 30 minutes? Even if I had a 64GB class 10 SD card, my vids would still be limited to 30 minutes? Is that some arbitrary limit that Cannon pulled out of their hat to spur sales in their video cameras? Or, is there a practical reason for this, like the censor over-heating?

Also, I want the absolute best video quality available and I need a particular format to put it into my Adobe editing software to polish it up a bit (trying to make it less boring). I have a webcam, it's a logitech c920 and I'm told it is one of the best ones on the market. However, I'm not impressed with the video quality at all. I want to make these videos appear to professional or professional like so that my son will have more incentive to watch them. I'm also hoping that these videos will be hanging around a while (m-disc and 20+ year lease on a web server). I could only imagine the tech that will be out by the time my son is a young man. I can't help but to think of video quality only 15 years ago and to me, that stuff is even hard to watch now that we are used to high definition streaming. I guess that what I'm getting at, is that I want as high quality video as possible because I want these videos to stay relevant for as long as possible.