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by snapshot2 Moderator - 6/5/13 3:43 PM

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Here is the best organized information for Samsung NX lenses:

You will find a list of all their lenses and it shows where to find a review of each lens.

The lens specifications of a lens includes the aperture rating.
This /f number tells you how bright/dark the lens is.
The smaller the number the brighter the lens.

When you get to the brightest lens it will be f/1.4 (85mm).
But you will also find that it cost $1,000.

Their 45mm lens is f/1.8 and cost $300
Their 60mm lens is f/2.8 and cost $600 (because it is an OIS lens)

Most people usually end up picking a lens based on price.

I suggest you look at the reviews of those 3 lenses for details about their quality.