heating problem in s4 i9500

by harigrg33 - 6/5/13 11:45 AM

In Reply to: Samsung Galaxy S4 - Share your opinions! by alex_yew

I have bought my s4 on 9th of may, it is i9500 exynos octa version. For 2-3 days it was working quite perfect but suddenly I started feeling the heat on my device near the camera region. I came to encounter this problem after I install few apps and games like fb, skype, dragongon hunter-4. As well my battery is getting drain very quickly say about 3-4hr per one time charge..... it is said that after update tne problem will be solbed as I have sen in some video but it didnt helped iny case. My device is still having the heating problem and it rise up to 55°c which I have checked by dialling *#0228#.... I hope samsung will give some serious concern in this problem.