Best answer as chosen by user airfork: re: DSLR or Dedicated Video Cam?

Assuming both you and the camera will be stationary -- e.g. camera on tripod, you seated -- you can get away with almost any camera, assuming you also buy some decent lights and audio gear and use them properly.

It's only when motion is introduced (of the camera and/or the subject) and/or when you cannot setup ahead of time or do multiple takes (e.g. "live" events.) that certain camera features come in handy.

Of the cameras you mentioned, there's no need to spend as much money on a 60D or T5i. A T4i will do just fine. Heck, you could probably even shoot something like this on an iPhone, although post wouldn't be very convenient. In any case, spend the extra money on (LED panel) lights with umbrellas or diffusers and a lavalier mic (and maybe a TASCAM D40).

Full disclosure: I own a T4i - Mark