DSLR or Camcorder

The DSLR camera is first and foremost made to take quality, large size still pictures.
It was very inexpensive to make it take videos too.
But the video has been more of an afterthought.
They use a very inexpensive microphone and sound circuit.
They don't have the features you find on a camcorder.
Focus when using video can be troublesome.
The video is OK and is about equal to an inexpensive camcorder.

The Camcorder is first and foremost made to take video.
It can produce still pictures but since the image sensor is so small, you can not produce a large & quality still picture.
If you are only going to produce 4 x 6 inch prints, it is OK.

People want to find a camera that does both things well.
A few cameras can accomplish that, but they are very expensive.
I believe the Canon C100 is the lowest priced and it sells for $8,000.

Which is more important to you - video or still pictures?