As all say, each have a place and price

by JAID1 - 6/1/13 2:03 AM

In Reply to: 1) sound, 2) zoom by Bob_Meyer

I use a Sony Handycam. It is probably middle range...a bit above your price but several years old so performance should be as good for the money now. Decent all round, the sound is at least good enough for me. In fact it surprises me that its quality is as good as it is. Though I am not too demanding. I also have a Nikon DSLR video capable. That is probably a professional level affair but certainly not medium format. A good way out of the dollars suggested.

The DSLR produces some terrific video. The sound is good but different. It is capable in various ranges of light. It's tracking is extraordinary and the ability to use a wide range of lenses also fantastic. However, I have seen nothing at the money in DSLR which would make me think the Handycam was not good value for video work.