I agree davmax

by jdonalds - 5/31/13 9:16 PM

In Reply to: DSLR is being replaced with mirrorless cameras by davmax

I think many of these responses recommending a video camera are not current with the new mirrorless digital cameras. They are speaking from the limited video capabilities of even very good still cameras in the Canon or Nikon range. But things have moved on and even Nikon has introduced a translucent camera in March of this year.

The Sony A65 or A77 have all the features needed for video, while also taking astounding still photos.
They can focus during video, quiet focus lenses won't come across on the audio, they have audio inputs for good microphones or remote microphones, they track subjects in videos, have excellent low light capability, support a wide variety of lenses, and a complete outfit can be had for under $1,500 for body and lens. They will record 1080p in 24/25/30/60 fps.

I listen to a a podcast done by professional photographers and videographers (I am neither). They all use DSLR cameras for video these days.