Samsung UN50F6300 Vs Cisco EA3500

by praneethnag - 5/31/13 9:19 PM

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Thanks Bob , Pepe7 for helping me.
i am finally able to connect grin

I reported the issue to samsung - and seems they were already aware of the issue and were working on it - to release a patch - i got the update yesterday , and now everything is as it should be blush

thought this might help someone @ some point of time so wanted to post the real issue

Actual issue : there are some CISCO routers that are being manufactured in China that are not transmitting at a standard protocol of 32bits or so (didn't remember the correct bit rate) which is causing the TV to not recognize the internet while it was able to connect to the router.

My router model : Cisco Linksys EA3500

Resolution : Samsung Patch firmware V# 1104.3

advise : Samsung tech advised they fixed it on there end for there customers - but reminded that the router is still not transmitting a standard protocol, and advised that Cisco needs to fix it sooner on later .

my next step : deal with Cisco angry