I use my general purpose point and shoot.

As long as the lighting is good, the simple camera should work OK. I have taken a number of videos in the past with that type of camera, and while the DVR camera may give better results it is more difficult to set up and use. I bought a DVR several years ago, but have not used it much since it is more work to do so. The modern point and shoot is much better than was probably available several years ago. I think that today people may shoot 10 to 20 times more video than I did with last 8 mm movie camera. Film is a little expensive while shooting video with a point and shoot is not expensive at all since when I finished the movie, I moved it to a computer and made a back up of that, and then the Secure Digital or Flash was erases and you could start shooting a new video on the old memory device. My camera is a $70 Canon A1200 and with the 16 gig secure digital it can shoot an hour or more of video or take over 5000 pics. I really love digital. With a 35 mm, the most you could get on one roll was 36 photos, so you had to be more thrifty with it when you were running low on shots. I would rather use that than any cell phone camera. A lot of people shoot them in portrait mode, so they are very narrow.