SONY a57 DSLR is the answer

by zahmbee - 5/31/13 5:26 PM

In Reply to: DSLR or Camcorder? by High Desert Charlie

For the most part I agree with you Stan. But, recently I purchased the SONY a57 DSLR and totally love it. The camera can shoot 29 minutes of video at a time, the auto focus is wonderful even in the low light of a rock club. Finally, the lens is very quiet and the onboard mic is capable of high sound pressure levels that rock bands produce. The a57 has been discontinued and replaced by the a58 but try to find an a57 if you can, it's better.
please take a look at my a57 video. I recorded a rock band using the a57, no tripod, and the camera mic. the stabilizer feature of the camera is great.
rock on!