DSLR is being replaced with mirrorless cameras

by davmax - 5/31/13 5:22 PM

In Reply to: It depends on your objectives by dsttexas

Keep the DSLR for photography, particularly if it is the old mirror technology developed for film. The new mirrorless cameras (sometimes called DSLR) are much better for both photos and video. These modern cameras do not have a limit on movie time except for the size of the memory card used. The electric zoom control is smooth with tracking focus and light compensation. A photo shot can be taken whilst taking a video without any impact on the video (a problem for mirrored cameras). Just like a DV camcorder but great flexibility.
I have used the Panasonic range for while, they have all the features. I currently have the FZ200 which is relatively low cost and takes full HD video at high frame rates with a x 25 zoom range and a constant F2.8. The GH3 is even better more at the pro level with built in time lapse feature, but has interchangeable lens (this can be a problem taking videos).