Shooting digital videos: dSLR or DV camcorder?

I don't think the answer is as easy as some people claim. Maybe I'm playing devil's advocate here, for the sake of helping people make a better decision. The majority of responses heavily lean towards recommending a DV camcorder over the dSLR, but I disagree if you are looking for professional results AND you are willing to work harder at it. Out of the box, in the hands of a novice, I agree that the DV camcorder is the right choice, but for the majority of highly skilled and technologically inclined, the dSLR is a much better choice. I personally use the Canon MkIII. If you have a lot of lenses already, I think the dSLR is a clear choice, because you don't have to invest in more lenses and the lenses you have provide the videographer with much greater capabilities and higher quality videos. I think there is little doubt among photographer to the value of top grade lenses, in terms of picture quality.
While a naked Canon dSLR is trickier to balance, there are many reasons that seasoned videographers use dSLRs over a camcorder. First of all, there are rigs that you can buy that rest on your shoulder and attach to the lens to make follow-focusing easy and camera stability a non-issue.
Many professional videographers simply use a separate high quality digital audio recording device. This eliminates camera lens noises as well as other related issues. For the professional, the separate audio recording allows for more flexibility and higher quality in the audio dubbing process. There are lots of videos on YouTube showing the dSLR camera rigs in action and I suggest viewing some of them before making your final decision.