Samsung UN32eh4003 color space selection explained.

by Tim_Lookingbill - 5/31/13 7:55 PM

In Reply to: native color or automatic by whitewater1950

Broadcast signals can vary widely in hue/saturation levels in certain colors especially memory colors like your basic primaries which can often come across quite over saturated with greens looking too cool, cadmium yellows turning intense lemon yellow and normal looking royal blues turning over saturated cobalt blue.

NTSC is usually the broadcast industry standard color model for encoding to consumer TVs which is a huge color space compared to HDTV 709 which is closer to sRGB, a smaller color space. When the two meet saturation gets out of hand the more the TV picture farther away from a calibrated close to a linear, normalized state which those settings above accomplish.

The Auto setting of the Samsung color space selection will attempt to reduce these color errors for more pin point accuracy to the original source space.

I've tried it on several channels and saw selecting Auto would slightly reduce over saturated blues and reds. A sports channel baseball game grassy field went from a slight cartoon green to realistic green selecting Auto over Native. It was quite subtle though because I've normalized the picture with the above settings though mine are slightly different with regard to white point, gamma with HDMI black level set to Low.

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