What connections are in back of your Moto box?

by Pepe7 - 5/30/13 10:04 PM

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Are there only red/white/yellow & coaxial cable (75 ohms), or are there others on the Moto?

I took a peek at the Naxa manual online. That system is definitely on the odd side. It appears as though it doesn't even ship with the 5.1 cables you may need to run from the DVD/CD player unit to the rogue subwoofer unit w/ inputs as such. See link here, and look at p.12:


If I have your system correct, and want to use surround from the DVD player, and 2.0 stereo sound from the cable box, you should be able to at the very least hook it up as follows:

Moto box (yellow video out) --> (yellow video in) Emerson
Moto box (*S-Video out) --> (*S-Video in) Emerson
*preferred connection type of these three options

(notes: Using your current RF connection bypasses sound that should go to the Naxa surround unit)

Moto box (red/white out) --> (red/white TV in) Naxa subwoofer module
Naxa DVD unit (**5.1 multichannel audio cables out) -->(5.1 multichannel audio cables in) Naxa subwoofer module
**not supplied- this is what you need (example)-
somewhat cheaper here:

Naxa DVD unit (component video RGB out) --> (component video RGB in) Emerson

With these connections you will have to use the switch in back of the Naxa sub unit to change sound from TV (stereo) to DVD (5.1 surround). This would all be easier if you bought a more traditional system(!) wink
In all reality, I don't know what you paid for it but for a little more the headaches would go away.

Regarding certain discs that will not play, this is not at all uncommon for discounted brands such as this one unfortunately. Hook up a secondary DVD player or use a PC to play back such content, and connect to your TV via HDMI. You would lose surround though.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.