I needed to update my equipment now that I have my first granddaughter and wanted lots of videos. I had an old Canon ZR70 that was good in its day but very poor in low light and of course the conversion from tape to PC video files was an arduous task. I found a JVC Everio GZ-EX210AU on sale for $200. This unit has everything I ever could want on a camcorder and more. Excellent low light and backlight performance. Quick power on so I can capture those moments before they get away. It has great zoom range (40X optical). It has excellent shot stabilization (to compensate for shaky hands). It is very light weight and can fit in my trouser pocket. It records in full HD (1080) on to SD cards. It connects directly to my HD TV through its micro HDMI connector (for playback) and also has WiFi connection into my home network (allows me to control the camcorder from my computer, view the videos in a browser window or download the video files to my computer). I had a look at an expensive DSLR, but unless I was going professional I couldn't justify the price.