DSLR or Camcorder?

Hi Stan,

This one (I think) is pretty easy to answer. It's true that the new Digital SLR Camera take HD Quality videos too, but there are some inherent problems when using a Camera frame to take Videos. First of all, you have to be able to keep things in focus. Digital Cameras have come a long way, but they still fall behind when trying to keep moving objects in focus for any length of time. If you're just doing short takes for 10-15 seconds with relatively fixed distance to your subject you may be okay. But if your subjects are moving around (as they inevitably do), your shots may not be quite as crisp as you would hope.

Camcorders are much better at handling continuously moving objects as well as changes from light to dark to light again. With a camcorder you can easily frame your subject and keep it in frame while shooting. Not so easy with the DSLR. Also, you should think about how you will follow subjects and hold the camera steady which seems to be one of the biggest challenges when taking video with a DSLR camera. It's hard enough to minimize camera shake with a camcorder. The size and light weight of modern DSLRs will make it all the more difficult.

I'm told that with the right Tripod and a lot of practice the DSLR can be used successfully for videos. I think if it were me though, I'd want to take the DSLR for a test drive first, just to see how well it worked for my specific purposes. If it works for YOU, that's all that matters, right?

Dad told me a long time ago I should always use the right tool for the right job. At this point, for videos, I think that's still the Camcorder.

Good Luck and Happy Shooting