by Dblkk - 5/22/13 10:43 AM

In Reply to: I hate my IPad mini by kyvette

People are correct where virtually no 'devices' have flash. there are laptops/netbooks with such capabilities but from a device standpoint only the galaxy note 10.1 and 8 come with it right out of the box. I have the note 10.1 and can tell you I used it daily for everything and loved it. The surface rt and pro have flash as well. I currently own the pro which has almost entirely replaced my note 10.1 and laptop. the rt is limited but is more portable, better battery, and cheaper if just looking for a tablet. the pro is a grand, respectable battery for a high end laptop but not even close to a tablet. I'd suggest looking into note 10.1. you can find them on sale for $450 for the 10" and like 350-400 for the 8". Its a little more than the ipad mini, but for flexability and for what you get its more than worth the price different. you can even buy a $20 adapter and plug a usb device into it. run multiple apps side by side like you would with windows. and android may not have as many apps but they still have a crap ton. and much simpler to use while giving you freedom to make folders to save web pages, and drag apps to where you want them and such. its overall a great device. I still use mine when I need a battery for a day and just web browsing or android mini gaming. Hope this helps. its also right around time when all new laptops and tablets are coming out with new improved processors, battery and hardware improvements. You might see a lower standard price, you might now idk. but you should see a drop in price for whats out there now.