Friendly is a two way street.

by mrmacfixit Moderator - 5/18/13 6:17 AM

In Reply to: I hate my mini by kyvette

there are thousands of apps in the App store and as I don't know what it is that you would like your iPad to do, I can only suggest that you take a look there.

Millions of people are getting along quite well without Flash so unless you feel the need to play a lot of Flash Games, I'm sure you can adjust. Is that something that you did before you purchased the Mini?
You didn't mention whether you have a computer and what it was that you did on it.

What were your expectations for the Mini and what would you like it to be able to do? Bear in mind that Flash is not supported natively but, can be made to play with the aid of an app.

Siri works very well but you must have either a WiFi signal or a Cell Signal (if you have the Cell enabled version of the Mini) for Siri to work well.