I hate my mini

by kyvette - 5/17/13 9:45 PM

In Reply to: Someone must have been living under a rock, by mrmacfixit Moderator

I guess I fell for the hype. I looked at it several times. I am not someone with a huge amount of disposable income.... I put a lot of thought into this purchase. I took me some time to save for this too......I didn't just pull out the plastic a buy it. This may be why I expected more. I feel like its very unwieldy. When I see the commercials for the mini I wonder what I'm doing wrong. I couldn't even get that Siri thing to work. I asked it to find restaurants near the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, In New York...it said there was no such place!
Since you are macfixit...can you suggest apps that will make my mini more user friendly?