Galaxy S4 review

by hamidAWC - 5/14/13 12:14 AM

In Reply to: Samsung Galaxy S4 - Share your opinions! by alex_yew

I got one and first thing I must say is about the Display! It is really unbelievable and I hadn't seen such quality before. and I must I don't agree with those who say it is some cheap plastic phone!! It is really beautiful and the design is really great
About software features, I think Samsung included everything possible in this phone happy But some of them are not practical and needs to be more completed/ Features like Smart Scroll! I once did Smart scrolling on the street and everyone was starring at me and thought I am crazy!! Why are you moving your head man??

By the way, I like this phone very much...

I saw in AW Center, that they made a Pros & Cons list for S4

The 16Gb version, gives you just about 9Gb free space
Overheating for some devices (Not confirmed officially)
App installation on SD card is not allowed
The software features (innovations?) are just not mature enough! Maybe on Galaxy S5 wink