The Canon XL series

by boya84 - 5/2/13 7:02 AM

In Reply to: Thank you, very helpful! by Superctg

camcorders are miniDV tape based, standard definition video, DV format, camcorders. If this is what you have on your short list, I'd nudge you in the direct of the XL2. You can probably find some posts and articles related to these regarding their imaging chip implementation. Specifically, in widescreen mode and how the imaging chip array handles the 16:9 aspect ratio vs the normal 4:3 aspect ratio.

Because these are standard def and 480 horizontal lines of video resolution, there will be a marked difference when compared to high definition video capture devices (720 or 1080 horizontal lines of video resolution). This does not mean these cannot capture good video, they can - but your expectation should be appropriate to the technology being used.