Addition suggestion from members....

Below are some members who emailed me answers directly instead of posting them here, so I'm going to post it for them as I think they will be helpful to Nate and others. Thanks all.

Here they are:

I didn't have the opportunity to respond to the query about donating old cellphones.

I suggest contacting one's local police or sheriff's department, and find out if they have the program where old cellphones are given to abused spouses. These phones have only one purpose: to dial 911. If they don't have the program, why not start one? As you know from experience, people have old cellphones just sitting around collecting dust. Get coverage in your local paper, and you'll most likely get inundated with them.

A local fire department might be willing to start a program. Nothing to lose by asking, and a battered spouse might live if one donates his or her old cellphone.

As for locating power cords, one might check at local thrift stores, or try posting a request to the local group. For years, I'd been acquiring phone cords. I ended up taking them to the county recycling center because no one off Freecycle wanted them.

Submitted by: Cappy


Every thrift store I have visited has boxes full of old adapters for sale at .25 to $1.00 each. Take your old phone to a trrift store and you'll probable find a workable adapter.

Submitted by: JJ


I just read your article about recycling old cell phones & I have a few great places for you to start. All Public Schools are a great source. I say "Public" vs Private because you might be dealing with more secrets to hide & that may be paranoid about odd things. Every Teacher & kid had one. They can turn it into a neighborhood project. Make it a contest to see which kid can bring in the most cell phones & chargers. The kid MUST have a note from the donor releasing the cell phone to the kid.

My late husband ran a short drive in our area from the Coast Guard Auxiliary, but most old folks are still using their precious flip phones--including me! We did fairly well & turned them over to the Police Dept to be cleaned, loaded with 30 minutes of talk time & given to Women in Distress in case of an Emergency.

Another good source is the Military. They are constantly changing up to better & newer equipment & are willing donors. Make sure everything has been deleted & they too. need a release from the former owners

Submitted by: Jeanne M.


Go to the phone service provider you had service with. They have the
equipment and Verizon, for example, would do it for you for free.

Submitted by: Jan L.