Do you mean Cell Phones for Troops?

by dedanaw - 4/27/13 1:24 PM

In Reply to: Cell Phones For Soldiers by stynor

I was excited to hear about Cell Phones for Soldiers but it appears that they are seeking phones that they can give to soldiers to use: (am I reading this wrong?). However, I found this site: - this seems to be closer to the dismantling/recycling process you mentioned or un-usable phones, though it does say they also resell phones that are still "usable." (See )

Can anyone clarify / correct me? I would like to donate a couple of phones that "died" for this cause but it makes me wary that just because they seem "dead" to me (no visual screen access, even though they appear to power up), doesn't mean that my contacts/texts/pics aren't still on there for some savvy technician to access.

Thanks much!