Dont re-cycle that old cell phone..

by papa54 - 4/26/13 11:32 PM

In Reply to: Cell phones for soldiers by Unknown

why would any of us want to give away more of our hard earned cash.. theres GOLD in them cell phones. every strip and contact point is gold or gold plated.

it'd be nice if we had a way to get the gold melted off of the contacts and battery contact points but hey what the heck someday that cell phone may have enough gold in it to buy something money wont buy..
all the govt has to do is throw up its hands and say we quit we have no money.. look at all the paper money you have.. not one sheet of cloth (moneys on cloth not paper) is worth the paper its printed on. "we'll use paper as a reference from here out" .. now if anyone just has to throw away yer cell phones send them to me.. I'll open a PO Box and take all i can get... and hope i get hundreds maybe even thouosands of cell pphones..

think about it, when moneys worthless a small piece of gold will work in any country...

of course if we had a govt with some back bone ,, they'd jump in right now back to the Gold standard and make America debt free.. I guess they have to run that piece of gold more worth while to keep.. 5,000 an ounce .. wow a few flakes would take in high cotton.