transcription mp3 player=search terms. this page=4th hit.

by supersanonymous - 4/26/13 7:57 PM

In Reply to: MP3 Transcription by doddy39

I don't know any range of commercial software productions, so I can't compare any.

I'm on a mac that comes with garageband which will get the job done.

First you need to get the audio into garageband. That can be a fraying hack bureaucracy pandering exercise. The only way I know of getting a computer's audio output channel into garageband, "soundgarden", is buggy, because if I want to change audio input channels after enabling soundgarden for some reason I need to utterly delete soundgarden from everywhere on the computer (library addons extensions deleting-ferreting etcetera); even though the sound input pop up menu includes other audio-ins. Getting audio into garageband is something I need tech support with.

If you get your audio in garageband on a track, you can use the "loop button" with the yellow slider to select regions for constant replaying. Keep on advancing the yellow loop region while the thing plays back. But you have to manually use your mouse for that.