Laptop coolers very effective in reducing heat in PS3

by aircalvary - 4/24/13 11:35 PM

In Reply to: Laptop USB Cooler for PS3 by ASC92

I use one for my PS3 250GB [slim] all PS3 slim models have intake cooling vents on the bottom & sides and there is a definite heat reduction any cooling method added to your PS3 will lower the manufacturers [ SONY ] rated temperatures which a course would only help to the good... so you have made a wise decision to use a laptop cooler it will extend the life of your PS3....because,HEAT is the enemy of electronics the more you move away the best it is for your equipment ....And do not worry about dust build-up to much just keep your PS3 and laptop cooler off the floor which is the dust level and every now and then just vacuum it out which is normal maintenance procedures for me