Optura 20 White Screen

by Miley99n - 4/17/13 7:53 AM

In Reply to: I'm part of the Optura 20 club by tubaloth

I too have a canon optura 20 that I purchased in 2002 via mail from America. I use it a few times a year, but in summer 2012, it got stuck in low light mode. When you put in in demo mode, the light doesn't come on for the Super Night settings. Changing the shutter speed doesn't work.. Pressing the EXP button at power on doesn't work. I find that if I put it in play mode for a couple of minutes, and quickly change to record, it works maybe half the time, but if you let it auto shut down, its all white again when you start it up. Canon have been absolutely useless when it comes to support, its out of warranty etc.