date time stamp via dropbox photo importer

Dropbox's Photo Importer function might do this.The app will launch when you connect a camera to your computer and will download images all images on the sd card to the dropbox "Camera Uploads" directory on your computer with file names being the date and time stamp of each image file in the following format: yyy-mm-dd I have only used it with a Canon point-and-shoot but it does this for the video (.avi) as well as jpg files on the camera's sd card so I hope it will do the same for video from a "real" video camera.

You must install Dropbox (of course) and my experience is Dropbox must also be running for this to work. That is, the importer will not launch "in the background" if Dropbox itself is not running. You can move these files later and delete from your Dropbox if you don't want them there.

I didn't find an easier way to grab this info from my input device and bundled software, which supports only date but not time info in exported file names. I'm sure it can also be done with dedicated software that reads metadata of theimage and video files.

Mac OS 10.5.8, Dropbox 1.6.18.