Compact between $400 - $600.

by helpappreciated - 4/13/13 12:10 AM

In Reply to: Any other requirements? Budget? Size? by MarkatNite

The camcorder is a JVC Enverio 35x optical zoom, 30gb hard disk. It records in the .MOV format so I'm forced to convert my videos to view them. My Canon Powershot is functional but will not work with high capacity memory cards.
I'm looking for a compact digital camera up to $600.

I'd like to have a camera that:
a. takes high quality stills/video
b. records video in a prominent format
c. has Dual Record
d. allows for high capacity cards
e. is somewhat easy to use.

I know nothing about specs. I'm just an amateur so auto settings will be used for the most part. If I have the camera long enough I may delve into the manual side of life.