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I urge you to get the 2Tb in kit form, that way you get everything that can help install the new HD to include cloning or transferring data from old to new HD. Dell support usually provides details on any upgrades to include the HD, so review that. In general, if you have a 200Gb or larger currently installed, going to 2Tb shouldn't be a problem.

Alas, whatever HD you buy, you can beforehand of any XP issues by visiting the support website. Once there to see what if any issues may arise. IMHO, you'll be pushing it under XP having a 2Tb, though. I also suggest you bios update the Dell GX620, do that before you install and it's up and running OK. It's important because if you lag too far behind, it may address HD issues, if you have a A03 status, going to A06, etc. is a must or to the latest, and read the instructions, don't rush this.

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