Good Audio Camera

by Rose4uKY - 3/29/13 2:58 PM

In Reply to: Audio isn't going to happen by Holdemxpert2

To our surprise the Panasonic ZS-19 is everything we want so far. Has the better zoom it's HD and we haven';t had any muffled or distortion yet from a live concert at a big venue to being up front at a bar near loud speakers. So far we like it and our pleased. I found a keeper. We found the ZS-19 here at Target for 249 and we knew there is a ZS-20 newer model but were told only difference was GPS so and we needed camera right away to test out at Bon Jovi concert and than tested it twice a local bars and at Hard Rock in Chicago last weekend. We think the sound is pretty good for a little camera not the best but were pleased. Much better than the horrible sound of the two Canons I tried.