No iPad icon...

by ayngelwing - 3/28/13 11:52 PM

In Reply to: With the iPad connected, by mrmacfixit Moderator

As you suggested, I connected my iPad, and there was no iPad icon visible, so could not check the main window to see what is supposed to be syncing. The only way that I was previously able to attempt syncing was to go to File/Devices/Sync Glendas iPad. Now I cannot even do that as it is all greyed out... sigh.

I did also check the music/contacts/calendars/pictures tabs for details again, but found nothing.
All automatic downloads are turned on in iTunes and App Stores- (music, apps, books.) There is no option for same in Music, or Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

I cant help thinking that the lock on the toolbar of my iPad has something to do with it, but darned if I can get rid of it!

I do appreciate your suggestions, its very kind of you to help. Sorry if I am frustrating you as much as this blasted machine is frustrating me! lol