Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab Vibration problem

I don't know know what else to do, since Sept 2011 (27K miles) my truck started to vibrate...
Took my truck to the dealer 9 times since then, delaer replaced, tires (out of pocket $1100) , then breaks ($400)
Drive shaft (warranty), shocks (warranty) u joints? (warranty)
Opened a case with Chrysler customer service.. lol useless.
At 65MPH the vibration is truly hard to ignore...
Love my truck, super nice ride, good on gas.. but now? now what do i do?
Lemon law is for cars under 18K miles so i do not qualify for it..

If you have any advice, please share, really in desperate need here! thanks for reading this..

a_gunslinger : that;s for your post... funny to read ""AS PER DESIGN" when you pay a truck $46K