The needs of the majority outweigh the needs of the few..."

by James Denison - 3/25/13 9:45 PM

In Reply to: that can be true by Roger NC

"The needs of the majority outweigh the needs of the few.............."

"You will be assimilated...?"

Only the collective matters, not the individual? Might makes right? Is that really what you believe?!

or is this what you believe?

"Ignore the individual for the overall of society. Odd, I thought you were so in favor of individual responsibility and rights."

Are you truly in favor of expecting and demanding personal responsibility? Are you in favor of releasing from jail those who continually refuse to accept personal responsibility in society? What of those who have learned the wrong they did and are willing to take on the responsibility and be released? Should they then pretend they are free, but held as a second class citizen?

Your beliefs seem in contrast to each other.

The Bible has a good rule in which the law only applies against the sinful (the criminal) whereas those who by the spirit live righteously (personal responsibility) are made free from the law.

You seem intent on making those turned away from their crimes and released to still be slaves under some law that relegates them permanently to second class citizenship. Why not just bring back slavery if that's what you believe?