ok...back home now

Hello again mrmacfixit. I'm back from my vacation and back to dealing with my iMac. So, I still have a couple issues I need to deal with, but right now I want to focus on one thing...the crashing. So I just logged into the other user account I created (admin status) and opened the iMovie tutor app...or tried too...it too crashes. I also tried opening iphoto. There are some of my iphoto pics in there...around 250 where I have closer to 1500 on my main admin account. It was incredibly slow. Infact, when I tried closing iPhoto...it took a very long time...then I was able to log out of that account and relog back into my main one...the one I'm on now.

Also, I wanted to mention that before I did that I tried iphoto again on my main account...it still crashes, but not right away.

Any ideas?